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General Public Comment
A general public comment period is held at the regular Town Council meeting each month and at the monthly Planning Board meetings. Members of the public can address the Boards on any topic. Each speaker is allowed three (3) minutes in which to comment.  If you would like to sign-up to speak at an upcoming meeting please arrive ten minutes prior to the meeting to sign-up. 

Public Hearing Comment
Unlike the General Public Comment period held at the regular Town Council meeting of the month, public comment as part of a public hearing is meant to specifically address a particular agenda item being considered by the Board.  Each speaker is allowed three (3) minutes in which to comment.  To speak for a specific public hearing, please wait to speak until you are recognized by the Council or Chairman.

Important Information:
Speakers shall provide their name and address at the start of their comments.
Speakers who have prepared written remarks are encouraged to leave a copy of such remarks with the Town Clerk. 
To avoid repetition and delay, groups of people supporting the same position are encouraged to designate a spokesperson. If a spokesperson is designated, the spokesperson shall identify the group for whom they are speaking, how many of that group are present, and the authority to act as a spokesperson (ex. HOA President). The spokesperson may recognize a group by asking them to raise their hand or stand.
The total time for the public comment period will not exceed 15 minutes.

Public Comment Rules and Procedures