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Pet waste station (2)Scoop it, bag it and dispose of it. It's the Law!
The Town Council pasted an Ordinance in 2016 making it unlawful for an owner of a dog or cat to fail to remove feces on any public street, sidewalk, park or other publicly owned property or private property unless the owner of the property has given permission allowing such use.   A Pet Waste Station has been installed on South Myrtle Street in the Community Park block. 

Why should I clean up after my pet?
Pet waste left on the ground increases exposure of you and your neighbors to bacteria, viruses and parasites. Those particularly at risk are other pets, children who play outside, and adults that garden. Some of these bacteria, viruses and parasites are:

Fecal coliform - bacteria;
Salmonella - bacteria;
Whipworms, Hookworms, roundworms & tapeworms - parasites; and,
Toxoplasma gondii, Parvovirus - virus.

What should I do? 
  • Scoop the poop,
  • Place it in a plastic bag,
  • Place it in the trash, and
  • Wash your hands. 
This ordinance can be difficult to enforce since the violation needs to be observed by a law enforcement officer for a civil penalty to be issued. However, a civil penalty can be issued if a citizen can provided the following information to the China Grove Police Department:
  • A photograph documenting the incident, which includes the date, location, and time of incident.
  • The animal must be clearly identifiable in the photograph.
  • The animal owner's address must be known and provided.
  • The complainant must be willing to testify in court.
Be a good neighbor - clean up after your pets!