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The leading cause of water pollution in the United States is stormwater runoff. As our town grows and urban development increases, so does the amount of runoff that ends up in our local rivers and streams. Many residents in the Town of China Grove are unaware that stormwater flows UNTREATED to our local rivers and streams. It is the mission of the Town of China Grove’s Stormwater Management Program to educate its citizens about stormwater, and how to prevent pollution.

How does the Stormwater Division educate the public?

Stormwater Tent FD 2019Public Events
Throughout the year, the Stormwater Management Program participates in various public events throughout the town.  These events range from the Farmers Day Festival downtown to setting up a booth at community outreach events such as the Community Block Party. During these events, an informational booth will be set up stocked with pamphlets and activity booklets. A staff member from the program will also be available to answer questions and provide additional information.

If you have an event scheduled, and would like the Stormwater Management Program to be there, please contact us at 704-857-2466 ext. 106, or by email

Advertising and Brochures
The town partners with Regional Stormwater Partnership of the Carolinas (RSPC).  RSPC is a collaboration of over eighteen local governments in the Charlotte metropolitan area, working together to educate residents about stormwater and water quality issues.

RSPC runs radio ads, television commercials, throughout the year.  There are also brochures and activity booklets available to the public about stormwater runoff on their website.