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China Grove’s Stormwater Management Program works to protect and preserve our local waterways from the impacts of stormwater pollution. When it rains, pollutants such as dirt/sediment, chemicals, oils, trash, and pet waste are carried by stormwater runoff into the nearest drainage system. The Town maintains a Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) that includes storm drains and other drainage structures, ditches, pipes and outlets, which discharge into Grants Creek, Cold Water Creek and Town Creek. Since the MS4 is not connected to a treatment system, it is critical to minimize the amount of pollutants that enter our waterways and into water supply watersheds Lake Fisher. 

The Town of China Grove strives to maintain the storm drainage system to address roadway and offsite drainage focusing on water quality. The Town generally seeks to improve drainage systems and drainage ways when there are existing unsafe conditions, recurring erosion, or property damage as determined by the Public Works Department. 

Stormwater Management System
The Town of China Grove is a designated National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Phase II community and operates under the authority of the Stormwater Management Program which became effective in January of 2007. Under the Town of China Grove’s NPDES Phase II Stormwater Permit, the Town is authorized to discharge stormwater from the Town’s Municipal Separate Stormwater Sewer System (MS4) located within the corporate limits.  Under the permit, discharge of stormwater from point sources is authorized to receiving waters and their tributaries.  As part of its ongoing effort to help protect local waterways and to meet both federal and state regulations, the Town of China Grove has developed a comprehensive Stormwater Management Plan. The plan includes six minimum measures to control the discharge of pollutants from the municipal storm sewer system associated with stormwater runoff and illicit discharges, including spills and illegal dumping.  In addition, the Town administers a Stormwater Management Ordinance to control stormwater pollutants as well as increased stormwater volume and velocity from new development and redeveloped sites so that water quality is protected and downstream flooding is reduced. The ordinance requires a Best Management Practice (BMP) for all development and redevelopment within the corporate limits and extraterritorial jurisdictions of the Town of China Grove.

Stormwater Hotline
The Town of China Grove maintains a stormwater hotline and encourages the public to report any concerns or problems they may encounter involving stormwater drainage and runoff including illegal dumping in streams and storm drains, and clogged storm drainage systems. 

Phone hotline: 704-857-2466 or email