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Bryan Ritchie
Code Enforcement Officer
Phone: 704-857-2466 ext. 2106

High GrassThe Code Enforcement Department is responsible for developing and executing the enforcement of the Code of Ordinances as set forth by the Town Council.  The Code Enforcement Officer works to address neighborhood concerns from both an advocacy and enforcement point of view.  The Code Enforcement Officer conducts field inspections of properties and public facilities for violations of minimum housing, abandoned structures, weeded lots, abandoned and junk vehicles and other public nuisances within the Town. More information on each of these violation types can by located by referring to the China Grove Municipal Code of Ordinances

The Code Enforcement Officer also investigate complaints of substandard housing conditions, hazardous conditions, improper use of dwellings and commercial structures, nuisance conditions and other code related issues.  The Code Enforcement Department also prepare, serve, and maintain records of violation notices, civil citations and other records as required by law. 

Complaint Process:  The following are general guidelines. Contact Code Enforcement if you have questions regarding the process and/or a specific complaint.

1: Receiving the Complaint
Complaints received are given a case number and investigated. 

2: Field Investigation
A site visit is conducted to verify and document code violations. 

3: Filing a Report
A brief report is prepared that notes the date and time of the visit and violation(s) observed. If no code violation was observed, the report will include a brief explanation.   

4: Notice of Violation Letter
A Violation letter is sent to the property owner(s) and each person who is or may be responsible for the alleged violation. 

5: Follow-Up for Compliance
Compliance. If it is determined that the required corrections have been made, the date and method of compliance are noted in the enforcement file and the case is considered closed.  
Non-compliance.  After the compliance date, if it is determined that the required corrections have not been made, staff will begin the process to issue a citation. 
Time Extensions.  If the alleged violator admits the violation(s) and requests an extension, the Code Enforcement Officer may allow it if circumstances warrant and/or if a "good faith" effort has been made to correct the violation(s).  

6: Issuing Citations
When voluntary compliance is not obtained within the stated time frame, a citation or property lien will be issued.      

7: File Closure
An enforcement case will be closed: 1) when no code violation is found after investigation; 2) there is voluntary compliance; or 3) when the property owner and/or responsible person has been convicted of an infraction and corrected the violation(s).