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Town Truck Reservations
The Town of China Grove Public Works Department provides the citizens of China Grove with the usage of a Town dump truck per the guidelines below. Please come to the Town Hall to make reservations.

Trucks will be scheduled on a first come, first serve basis (upon availability) and will be delivered between 4:30pm and 5:30, Monday- Thursday. The truck will be parked at the residence for which it was reserved (must be inside the Town limits). Trucks are not to be driven by anyone other than Town of China Grove employees.

  • No Roofing Shingles or Roll Roofing (nothing containing fiberglass).
  • Due to Rowan County landfill restrictions, certain materials will not be allowed on the trucks, including the following: paints, oils, lubricants, solvents, liquid fuels, and vehicle or lawn batteries.
  • No engines.
  • Please place appliances on truck last (near tailgate).
  • Do not combine brush and debris along with your trash. (Truck must be rented for an additional day and for additional costs.)

Deposits and Fees
 2017-2018 Town Truck Rental Deposit and Fees
 Refundable Deposit for all users
 First Use (Trash Only)
 FREE (1 per year)
 Additional Use (Trash Only)
 $85.00 per use
 First Use (Brush Only)
 FREE (1 per year)
 Additional Use (Brush Only)
 $85.00 per use
 First Use (Hazardous Materials Only)
 Costs above normal tipping fees
 Additional Use (Hazardous Materials Only)
 $85.00 per use (Plus costs above normal tipping fees)

*Use of a truck for any hazardous materials must be approved by the Public Works Director or Town Manager prior to placing materials onto truck.

*Deposits are refunded based on the adherence to the above stated rules and conditions. The Town of China Grove reserves the right to deny refund of a deposit if deemed necessary to cover additional costs or repairs incurred by the Town of China Grove.

*Any and all costs above the rental amount and deposit will be billed to the customer at their expense. All truck loads are dumped off-site. All extra fees/costs will be incurred by the customer.

*The Town of China Grove will not be held responsible for any property damage including, but not limited to, yard damage from severe weather. It is the intention of the Town of China Grove to provide this service to citizens with little to no damage to personal property. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to inform the crew as to where to park the truck to avoid damage or destruction to said property and/or landscaping.

Town of China Grove • 333 N. Main Street • China Grove, NC 28023 • Ph: 704.857.2466 • Fx: 704.855.1855
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